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Clarksburg, West Virginia 2 comments
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I booked a trip with sportfishhawaii to do the midnight shark fishing.Hotel booked and they verified the date and time, I was told where they would pick me up at 9:40pm.

I went out and waited at 9:20 and no one showed up. At 10:05 I called they said guy was late and he would be there in a minute. I was told to go back and wait. I did until 11:10 and called again.

Then they said I was not booked for that day but the next week. Which was a lie and they knew it. They did not even apologize.

Do not recommend this company at all to anyone.Wasted my time for nothing.

Review about: Deep Sea Fishing.


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada #647331

yes we did not leave our name but this did happen.I booked it through the hotel and it was confirmed.

Was extremely disappointed.Why would I not tell truth about it?

Honolulu, Hawaii, United States #647001

We are an agent for the shark trip and I checked our records and we did not have anyone not picked up for trips that we booked in November.We also would never not apologize if we did make a mistake scheduling a date.

This person did not leave their name so we cannot check for sure, but it sounds like the person booked the trip with another agent or directly with the shark trip.

People find the shark trip on our website and think we own and operate the boat, however, we an an agent for the boat.

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